The well-documented increases in the cost of higher education are a significant concern as Texas considers how it can strengthen its institutions of higher education to keep up with the demands of a growing state. How can the state expand access to higher education? How can the state make higher education affordable? How can the state ensure that student receive a quality education?

Texas can be the nation’s leader in higher education reform and provide a home to the best teachers, researchers, and students from around Texas and the nation. This ambitious goal, however, requires a fundamental shift in higher education policy that puts students first. State elected policymakers, higher education trustees appointed to positions as Regents at the state’s university systems, and leaders at each campus across the state have a role to play in transforming higher education in the Lone Star State.

To support these leaders in reform efforts, the Texas Public Policy Foundation created this site to provide important information about the cost and quality of higher education in Texas. It attempts to dispel the many myths that prevent our institutions of higher education from becoming the student-focused centers of learning that we should all demand.